Ambassador's Message


It is a great honour and privilege to welcome you, to the official revamped website of the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Paris, France in the New Year 2018. The Embassy covers both bilateral and multilateral issues. At the bilateral level the Embassy is accredited to France, Spain and Portugal.  At the multilateral level the Embassy is accredited to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Bureau of International Exhibitions (BIE), Animal Health Organisation (OIE) and follows proceedings of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), all based in Paris, France. The Embassy is also accredited to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) based in Madrid, Spain.

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Paris this year 2018, will be focused on coordinating, promoting  and protecting  Uganda's national interest in France, Spain, Portugal, UNESCO, OECD, BIE and others.  The Mission will undertake programs that underpin the development, implementation and management of Uganda's Foreign Policy.  The Embassy will be guided by her Mission's Strategic Plan 2017/18-19/20 which sets out the strategic framework for the Mission and provides a blue print and direction of what has to be achieved in the next three years. It is based on thematic areas identified by government and articulates the Mission's strategic objectives, priority interventions and strategies to achieve the Mission's mandate as contained in the Mission Charter.

The Mission will focus on achieving the following Strategic Objectives:- Promotion of Regional and International peace and security, Promotion of Commercial and Economic Diplomacy, Promotion of Regional Integration, Promotion of International Law and Commitments, Provision of Diplomatic services, Protocol and Consular services at home and abroad, mobilization and empowerment of Ugandan Diaspora for national development, Promotion of Uganda's Public Diplomacy and enhancement of her image abroad, and Strengthening of Institutional Capacity of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.

The implementation of this Mission's Strategic Plan should contribute to the attainment of the NDP II, making Uganda achieve Middle Income Status by 2020 and lead to sustainable economic growth and realization of all government priorities including Vision 2040. 

Peace and Stability are a well-known attributes of  Uganda  and in addition to peace and stability, Uganda is clearly  endowed with good climate  ,abundant natural resources  including minerals ( Oil and gas , gold,3 Ts  (Tin, Tantalite , Tungsten)  nickel,  uranium, cobalt , phosphate, iron ore   etc.,) vast and fertile agricultural land, thick forests and huge water bodies. A conducive climate for investing in these sectors has been put in place and is reviewed from time to time to make it more attractive. A one stop investment centre has been created under Uganda Investment Authority to coordinate all investment matters.

The Mission's main thrust in this period is the responsibility of implementing Economic and Commercial Diplomacy which is a focus of the Uganda Foreign Policy of the 21st century. Top on our agenda is the promotion of Uganda as an investment, tourism and business destination:

Tourism Promotion: In the sector of Tourism promotion, the Mission will continue to partner with some major Tour operators in France, Spain and Portugal and to advertise on their websites and hold some TV and Radio talk shows to promote Uganda. The Embassy encourages Tour Companies to continue working with us to promote Uganda as a Tourist destination. For example the Source of the Nile has been declared one of the Seven Wonders of Africa and the fact that Uganda has 53 tribes, all with unique cultures one would be interested to explore. The various faith denominations and their ancient infrastructure and history attached to them, a tourist will not want to let pass.  For example the Uganda Martyrs in Namugongo, the Old Kampala Mosque, among other faith related activities. Investors are welcome to promote Health tourism. Investments in this field will attract people to flock in for health purposes and investors quickly recoup on their investments.

We invite the Foreign Media to work with our Embassy to market the beautiful weather and scenery in Uganda and also tour companies and media houses are encouraged to visit and see unique features of Uganda.

The Tour companies and foreign media could make our Mission websites, the Uganda Ministry of Tourism Wild life and Antiquities, UWA, and UTB website as their reference to identify preferred tourist sites for their client's .More so now that the Upgraded Uganda Paris Embassy's websites is linked to all.

Investment/trade Promotion: Under trade and Investment promotion, this Embassy will continue to participate in a number of Trade Fairs in selected cities in France, Spain and Portugal. We are looking for serious companies and individuals to promote Ugandan Organic products such as coffee, tea, fruits and vegetable and a few spirits in some major supermarkets in France, Spain and Portugal. The Embassy looks forward to seeing key business personalities in France, Spain and Portugal with chain stores travel to Uganda for business surveys and signing memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with Ugandan companies to market Ugandan products. 

The Government of Uganda identified communication as a vital tool in implementing Uganda's foreign policy and has linked the Missions website to all other Government websites to ensure that information reaches our intended visitors, tourists and importers of Ugandan products. Simply click on the links provided on our website.

I look forward to working with all of you to implement the Embassy's Plan that will ensure a win win situation and sustainable mutual benefit for our partners in France, Spain and Portugal and Uganda.